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Baby Steps to “Chicago’s Smart City-dom”

Technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives—from the smartphones we carry around in our pockets to the accelerating complexity of even the most mundane technology. The next step is to integrate these disparate developments and work toward the idea of the “Smart City.” In 2015, the term “Smart City” is still somewhat nebulous in that many different technologies and ideas are lumped under the same banner and, indeed, some technologies and ideas have been around for decades. Chicago is a good example of a city on its way to automating and becoming one of America’s leading Smart Cities. The first step to this requires making use of “big data,” which is comprised of the huge datasets that have been collected over the years on a marvelous range of subjects—from the big stuff like climate and crime to the boring and banal but still incredibly useful. Chicago has, via its [...]

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How Financial Advisors Explain a Good Jobs Report/Down Market

This Friday morning (March 6th) the monthly jobs report came out to thunderous applause, unless you happen to be associated in any way with Wall Street. Employers added 295,000 jobs across the U.S. in February; although that number is subject to numerous corrections, it is well above the 235,000 jobs analysts expected. So why is the Dow down greater than 200 points? For the past three to four years there has been one main topic of conversation among financial advisors; and really only one “The Fed.” The roughly “0%” short term interest rate that has been the hallmark of Fed policy for the past half decade has even gained its own nickname among financial planners and brokers “The Bernanke Put.” The word “Put” refers to an option contract which is used when traders want to guard against the downward movement of a security. Financial advisors have felt for years that [...]

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Cyber Bullying Ousts Highland Park Superintendent, for Cyber Bullying.

Dr. Laurie Kimbrel has been Superintendent at Tamalpais High School for six years and two months. Before that, she worked as Associated Superintendent at Grayslake Community High School for six years; Administrator at Lake Forest High School for eight years; and teacher at Glenwood Academy and Villa Grove school for five years in total. She was the Highland Park Superintendent for two days. From Laurie Kimbrel’s Website: Laurie Kimbrel has previously served the community as President, Schools for Sound Finance Adjunct Professor, National Louis University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Campus Grant Reader, Department of Education, and Washington, DC.   Highland Park, IL High School Her work history describes her visionary projects and her go-getter attitude. Nonetheless, two days ago Dr. Kimbrel tendered her resignation following two revelations. Her husband had admitted to cyberbullying a parent of the school, and the school board discovered that Dr. Kimbrel had formerly talked with [...]

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Outstanding Student Loans Climb to 1.2 Trillion

Mounting student debt is posing a threat to the very purpose of higher educational institutions in the US. The pressure of paying back the debt is altering higher education from an avenue of inquiry and pursuit of new knowledge to a vocational program aimed at increasing employability. More than 40 million students across the country today face the growing anxieties created by educational loans. Student Loan Debt The cost of a college degree has gone through the roof over the last three decades, compelling students to enter into debt arrangements to finance their studies. Figures from 2012 reveal that as many as 71% of undergrad students in the US have student debt. The debt incurred by matriculating seniors is nearing $30,000 on average, representing a jump of 25% from 2008 levels. The total amount of student debt owed by Americans has reached a staggering $1.2 trillion. According to [...]

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