Deerfield Craigslist Plan to Save You

Craigslist is a great place for finding a coach, a canine, or some solace for the soul. But it is also the site where you can find your own-way ticket to the grave. Law Street has tracked 58 murderers and 45 murder victims since 2009. And this report was accumulated 13 months ago. Since then, punctilious research showed me that at least another 13 murders have been committed.

Deefield Police Offer Craigslist Solution

Deefield Police Offer Craigslist Solution

Most notorious is the Philip Markoff ‘Craigslist killer’ case where the promising medical student robbed three and killed one by luring them with promised transactions. Markoff’s saga exemplifies the online transaction fizzed into horror.

“Each of these crimes stemmed from a Craigslist interaction of some sort — overwhelmingly from robberies gone bad where someone either advertised on Craigslist that he had an item to sell and his killer responded to that ad with the intention to rob him but ended up killing him instead, or vice versa,” Law Street’s Chelsey Goff told HuffPost last year.

Not all online transactions result in murder. There is also the risk of security theft. Others are scams. The seller delivers a so-called ‘lemon’ – lemons may be preferable – or she pockets your money and delivers naught at all. Meanwhile, because you lack witnesses or hate the bureaucracy and expense of small-claims court, you have no recourse but let the matter pass.

Until now. A week ago, the Deerfield Police Department advertised a safe location to conduct Internet transactions. Both parties are invited to finalize the transaction in its lobby or parking lot. Will this help? There may be people who live, say, in Rosemont and will not want to travel 18 miles. Some people may reject the hassle altogether and insist in selling to a more amenable buyer.

Then, there are also conditions. You would have to lug your Schallenberg piano to the parking lot each and every time you want to sell it; you can only meet at certain hours; Police Department personnel will not oversee or be involved in the transaction – in fact you will be totally on your own. Transactions cannot disrupt the daily business of the Police Department.

So what good will this do to prevent you from being cheated?

Maybe minimal. But you will more likely retain your life.

Worth the trouble?

By Leah Zitter Writer