Illinois Top Colleges

Illinois Top Colleges



It’s hardly ever been a worst time for Illinois students to trot off to college than now. Some institutions are chopping classes, others clipping teachers and few offering Monetary Award Program grants. The budget starvation has reached its ninth month. But this has deterred few students from registering for degrees this year.

In its annual tradition, Forbes listed the best value schools of 2016. Focusing on Illinois, this is its list:

11) Augustana College (National Rank: 257)

10) DePaul University (National Rank: 251)

9) Lake Forest College (National Rank: 235)

8) Knox College (National Rank: 205)

7) Illinois Wesleyan University (National Rank: 204)

6) Bradley University (National Rank: 182)

5) Illinois Institute of Technology (National Rank: 128)

4) Wheaton College (National Rank: 105)

3) University of Chicago (National Rank: 56)

2) Northwestern University (National Rank: 51)

1) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (National Rank: 7)

Forbes Methodology

Forbes conducted its rankings by evaluating the following factors: overall quality, tuition and other fees, dropout risk, how long it took the average student to graduate, post-graduation earnings and a “value added” element, which would help isolate how much the college itself helped the student succeed, independent from other factors.

People tend to expect the best colleges to date pre-1800 and be located in the Northeast. Forbes found something interesting: Its best value institutions were mostly West Coast, public and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-oriented. Most are research institutes, but liberal arts colleges made the cut, too.