Sorry, Owners: Illinois Small Business Is Not Too Friendly For You.

If you’re planning to set up shop in Illinois, think again. Thumbtack shows that our local government innocently makes some things very, very hard for us.

Last week, Thumbtack ran its fourth annual Small Business Friendliness Survey on 18,000 small business owners across the nations. They considered the following:

• Ease of starting a business
• Ease of hiring
• Regulations
• Health and safety
• Employment, labor and hiring
• Tax code
• Licensing
• Environmental
• Zoning
• Training and networking programs

Jon Lieber said, chief economist of “Given that there is a crisis of entrepreneurship in the United States, seen in the broad collapse of self-employment across industries and states, creating the right environment for business start-ups is more important than ever.”

Merchant St in Decatur IL

Merchant St in Decatur IL

New Hampshire, Utah, Louisiana, and Colorado rose to the occasion. Others, such as California, Connecticut, Rhode Island – and Illinois flunked. Massachusetts, Maryland, and New York earned a “D” grade. Providence, New Haven, Buffalo, Albuquerque, and Hartford fell to the bottom.

Surprisingly, small business owners didn’t fret too much over their tax burdens. It was stuff like absent training programs and bungling bureaucracy that bothered them. They wanted their state to be a tot more supportive.

Chicago was one of the few cities that received its own grade. It managed to do better than Illinois, earning a “C-” for overall friendliness.

As regards our state, this is its rating (grades highlighted in red worsened from last year):

1. Ease of starting a business: F
2. Ease of hiring: C-
3. Regulations: D
4. Health and safety: D
5. Employment, labor and hiring: F
6. Tax code: F
7. Licensing: F
8. Environmental: C
9. Zoning: C-
10. Training and networking programs: D+

Makes you consider transferring your business to the Web, no?

Article by: Leah Zitter, Writer