indexThe University of Illinois’s Labor Education Program worked out that the average Illinois teacher works about 207 days a year or about 2,165 hours per year. 

Teacher benefits:

Teachers get 2.5 months off in June, July and August, 1 week paid time off in December, 1 week paid time off in April and 10 paid vacation days on the CPS calendar.

Illinois teachers receive 10 sick days per year.

Illinois teachers receive health coverage and are required to pay 1.8 percent of their salary toward the plan. (The range in employee contribution is from 1.3% – 2.8% depending on the level of coverage selected). Figure that the average teacher pays $1,282.

Teachers hired after 1986 also pay the Medicare Tax which would mean that the average Illinois teacher pays another $1,033.

The average Illinois teacher also has to contribute 2% of his or her base salary (approximately $1,425) to the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF).

Average annual totals for average Illinois teacher in public school system:

Average Base Salary: $71,236

CPS teachers average $76,000 without benefits.   Those benefits cost somewhere between $12 and 22,000 depending on the information source.  Teachers in Chicago are paid roughly twice as much as the average college graduate from similar universities.

Given that information, Reboot Illinois says that the top three highest paying school districts are in DuPage (HSD 88), Downers Grove (HSD 99) and Glen Ellyn (HSD 87) – in that order. The lowest three are in Gardner S. Wilmington (HSD 73), Farringdon in Bluford (CSD 99) and Eswood (CSD 269) in Lindenwood.

Starting pay may be as much as $62,609 for the average Illinois full-time public school teacher in one of these higher-paying districts.