northbrook 2The Northbrook Village Board Tuesday night approved the Life Time Fitness-anchored project for a property where multiple attempts at development have failed.

The mixed-use project will be located at 1000 Skokie Blvd., and will feature a 304-unit Finger Companies apartment complex, a 43,000-square-foot Children’s Learning Adventure day care and enrichment center, and a 91,000-square-foot fitness club.

Some trustees and the Village President, Sandy Frum, voted against it. One declared that Northbrook already had fitness centers, day cares, and a just-finished 347-unit apartment building a few blocks to the north. This project, she said, was superfluous.

Another tried to postpone the vote by proposing studies on traffic, parking, and marketing to see if there was enough demand for the proposed apartments. One other trustee complained that the building was as “wide as a football field and the size of four Walmarts. It has a massive footprint.” David Handler, former head of the District 31 School Board, queried whether the childcare center would create traffic snarls.

Frum thought that the $1,605-per-month rent for the one-bedroom Finger apartments was too expensive.

Regardless: Other trustees were glad that the vacant property would have occupants. Scolaro deemed the project “a lot more positive than vacant property” while Heller described the property’s present appearance as “ugly” and “nothing” and proclaimed that the Life Time Fitness-anchored project “is a positive step up for Northbrook.”

The developers have a year to submit final plans for approval.