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Financial Advisor Chicago – Our investment management process is centered around our clients. We don’t get paid by mutual fund companies for using their funds. Any Chicago/Northbrook-based financial advisor at Deep Blue Financial will use investments with expenses roughly 1/3 that of most advised portfolios.* Read More

It isn’t enough to pick a diversified group of funds, stocks, or ETFs and let them sit. We are advocates of buying and holding, but not buying and forgetting. Investors need to have a process of evaluation. We reevaluate investments continuously and regularly update you on their performance. With ultra-low expenses, tax management, and solid financial planning, we will help you achieve your goals.

Dow 23,000. What Next?

October 19th, 2017|Comments Off on Dow 23,000. What Next?

Does Dow 23,000 Mean the Market is Going to Drop? Short answer, “no.” Just because [...]