bkgd3Looking for the highest paying jobs in Illinois in the near future?  If you’re a current or future job-seeker this recent report provided by Crain’s Chicago Business may give you some insight on where to direct your search, but not limit it.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia found that Illinois was one of seven states that had its economy shrink during the last quarter of 2015, according to an analysis of the latest employment data.

In response, Crain’s Chicago Business released a list of 10 Illinois industries that will see the largest number of projected jobs gains between 2014-18, as well as 10 with the biggest job losses, according to data from Economic Modeling Specialists International.

These are the top 5 Illinois industries that will experience the most projected job growth over the next five years. As you see, several do not require advanced degrees.

  • Temporary Help Services  –  Projected job growth: 21,022
  • Education (Local Government)  – Projected job growth: 13,061
  • Computer System Design & Related Services – Projected job growth: 12,938
  • Warehouse Clubs & Supercenters –  Projected job growth: 12,745
  • Limited-Service Eating Places – Projected job growth: 12,526

Education is forecast to make a considerable comeback despite budget slashing. It is also interesting to note that more companies are hiring temp workers possibly because Obamacare opts employers to fill positions without having to offer health insurance and other benefits.

These are the top 5 Illinois industries that, if you want to make money, Reboot Illinois urges you avoid:

  • Other Plastics Product Manufacturing –  Projected job growth: -2,323
  • State Government (Excluding Education & Hospitals) –  Projected job growth: -2,447
  • Wired Telecommunications Carriers –  Projected job growth: -2,583
  • Offices of Real Estate Agents & Brokers –  Projected job growth: -2,732
  • Newspaper Publishers –  Projected job growth: -2,924

If you’re unemployed or looking for a change in career direction where you can make rather than lose money, the above statistics may show you where to mail your resume next.