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Uber & Lyft Becoming a Little More Cosy with UberPool and Lyft Line

Last year I got myself in a bit of bind. I had just gotten my car out of the shop. My mechanic had spent about two weeks chasing down a coolant leak. Being a financial planner, I hate spending money and tend to keep cars around much longer than others think that I should. But this coolant leak had gotten under my skin. Two weeks what felt like entire engine rebuild later, I got my car on the road. Ten miles later, there was steam pouring out of my engine and I was stuck on the side of I94. One of the only hoses that wasn't replaced had just burst. I called AAA and got a tow.  I needed a ride.  I had not wanted to download Uber as I had fancied it a expensive habit. I finally relented and downloaded the Uber app. Almost 3 miles to Wicker Park for [...]

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Piero’s Grand Opening Feb 18th in Highland Park IL

The Original Piero's Pizza will be opening a brand new location at 647 Roger Williams in Highland Park IL on February 18th.  The ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 1:15 PM.  Piero's already has a location in Northbrook.  You can view their menu here: Piero's Pizza was featured on WGN's list of Chicago's Best.

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What “The Best” Financial Advisors Charge

When starting Deep Blue Financial it was my intent to establish a policy of extreme openness concerning fees. I have always been a bit of a black sheep in the financial advising business; the “low cost” guy in a business that normally prides itself on being very secretive about expenses. Since fees that clients are charged come off the bottom line, the more clients are charged, the higher the likelihood that they will experience lower than average returns over long periods of time. Government Study on Fees Effect on $100,000 Invested When determining advisory fees we looked across the academic world to find a comprehensive study that looked at firms like Deep Blue to determine what firms like us charge. Luckily a study that covered the topic was readily available. Here is a link to “Compensation and Client Wealth Among U.S. Investment Advisors” by Lukas Dean and Michael [...]

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