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Chicago Illinois Pensions & Elections

Pensions and affordability: The Demographic & Political 'Elephant in the Room' Illinois and Chicago unions have in many cases successfully fought for an Illinois pensions arrangements referred to as “compound cost of living adjustments." Essentially, this means that a pension starting from a base of $10,000 dollars will increases by 3% a year so in the second year the payment is $10,300, the next year an extra 3% is added to the new, higher payment, making it $10,609, the third year would be an extra 3% on top making it $10,927 etc., etc. Rahm Emanuel and Chuy Garcia face off next week for Chicago Mayor. This is a fantastic arrangement which is normally unheard of in the pension industry and seems to be specific to Illinois pensions. Financial Planners even need to work out some interesting math to get financial planning software to account for compounded cost of [...]

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Deerfield Bank Looses $63,000 to Old Check Scam

Playing Cat and Mouse with Forged Checks You could forge your own checks with desktop techniques and chemical alteration strategies. You could also take the simple steps of one Mr. Neil who created a few bogus companies, signed a few checks, and robbed the Deerfield Bank of $63000. On a more dismal note, others could do the same to you. You could receive a cashier’s check or money order, deposit it in your bank account, and have the depository bank deduct the equivalent amount from your account because the check was found to be counterfeit. Bank regulators report such situations on a daily basis and estimate that check fraud is on the increase. Two years ago, more than half of organizations (52%) reported that they experienced check fraud. Ernst and Young discovered that 500 million checks are forged annually with losses resulting in more than $10 billion per year. American [...]

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This Business Serves Everyone – Religious Freedom and Restoration Act hits Indiana

This sticker is being displayed by businesses in Indiana who oppose this new law. Indiana legislature passed a "religious freedom" bill; that allows businesses in Indiana to refuse service to anyone due to religious or other beliefs.  These types of laws simply should never exist. The new bill is called the "Religious Freedom and Restoration Act." I would love to say that racism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry are a relic of the past.  But unfortunately we are still at the beginning stages of the fight. Adam Faust, Deep Blue Financial Founder

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Bitcoin Chicago and You

Bitcoin Chicago and You Bitcoin; the virtual currency touted by some as the next and inevitable step in the evolution of money and by others as a “collective delusion”. There is much disagreement over the status, the future and the uses of bitcoin, as well as other virtual currencies. Many countries (for example Bolivia and Iceland) have made transactions using this and other crypto-currencies illegal while still others, such as Germany, have given it the valid status of “unit of account”. This checkered acceptance is undoubtedly one of the reasons holding its widespread use back but being only six years old in 2015 it has already quite the stature. Bitcoin ATM at Reggie's Place on Clark St in Chicago. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer online payment system where transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in a huge and public distributed ledger known as the “block chain”. There [...]

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An Exodus of Highland Park, Deerfield & Northbrook Real Estate

Are Your Neighbors Leaving Northbrook Real Estate? Seems to be as though an exodus of sorts has hit our area. United Van Lines' annual National Movers Study reports that since 2011 our neighbors have been leaving the Land of Lincoln at a steady trot. Reporters speculate three reasons: Recent Northbrook Home Model 1. Taxes – The Illinois Policy Institute reports that property taxes are the second-highest in the nation. Illinois has “the ninth-highest overall tax burden per capita in the nation. And that’s even before factoring in the 67 percent income tax hike from 2011.” Also consider that the Illinois HB 1376 is in the offing. You will have to pay $500 for a sewer camera inspection every time you sell your home. 2. Work – Not only are there allegedly less jobs, but it is apparently also harder and more expensive to start a business in Illinois. [...]

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Illinois Speed Limit Through Deerfield and Lake Forest

Increases Speed Limits But Not To 70mph. Get ready to drive a little faster on several stretches of road in your area. The Illinois Tollway's customer service and planning committee wants to raise the speed limit from 50 mph to 60 mph for all traffic on I-294 between Touhy Avenue and Deerfield Road. The same committee wants to raise it to 65 mph for cars and buses on I-94 between Deerfield Road and Stearns School Road, up from 55 mph; the proposed increase for trucks on this segment is from 55 to 60 mph. Actually, a January 1st law had permitted 70mph, but experts from CDM Smith, a consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm, recommended change after evaluating tollway travel three different ways and investigating aspects of the road, such as curves, high crash locations, number of merging points, and congestion hotspots. Critics insist the proposed speed limit is too [...]

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Is Internet for Everyone Possible? Google Project Loon

First launched in 2012, one of Google's projects is nearing the point at which it will transform from research to reality—“Project Loon.” The basic premise is to provide internet access in remote locations via what are essentially routers attached to balloons. This would allow people who are otherwise excluded from the internet, and by extension the wider twenty-first century phenomenon, access to the “information economy." Due to various technological setbacks, including many burst balloons, the team at Google X has come up with something that is able to stand on its own two feet. But the wider question is: what would be the effects of this hugely increased access to internet? Google Project Loon Balloon There are many effects of this, but let’s concentrate on two. The first is financial. Getting internet access to remote areas and isolated populations has always been a logistical headache. The infrastructural requirement [...]

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Chicago Area Home Prices are Surging, a Look at Online Loans

Banking is among the oldest industries set up by humans, and will most likely continue to be one of the most important ones as well. One of the most prominent changes that has been implemented by the industry can be directly linked to the dot com boom. Bank of Chicago Heights Annual mortgage loans granted by online mortgage companies exceed $100bn a year. Online players are posing serious competition for conventional offline lending mechanisms. So when you feel the need for a mortgage loan, do you knock on the doors of a bank, or an online lender? The answer, as is mostly the case with financial choices, depends on what’s best for you. The online mortgage lending advantage Right from making you feel in control of the loan process to utilizing the best related services, online lending can be a prudent choice in several cases. Here are some [...]

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Chicago Gas Prices and The World Economy

It has been almost six years since Americans spent this little on gas at the pump. And although these prices put a smile on my face when I uncork my gas cap; I also worry a bit. I understand that I have a flaw in my brain that looks for both positives and negatives of almost everything. My wife is less than thrilled with this and makes me “knock on wood” every time that I bring up a good outcome of any situation; because she knows she is about to hear the “devil's advocate” that has permanent lodging in my brain. Pumping Gas in Northbrook, IL. The lowest price in the area today was at Thorntons on Skokie Valley Rd in Highland Park, where regular unleaded was going for $2.44; $0.01 below the national average. Chicago gas prices are slightly higher. So what am I worried about? In [...]

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Yatırım Danışmanları ve Emeklilik İçin Yeni Düzenlemeler

Bu hafta yeni yürürlüğe giren bir kanunla,hükümet finansal danışmanların ertelenmiş vergili emeklilik hesapları için vekalet sorumluluğu almaları gerektiğini bildirdi. Wall Street bunun müdahaleci hükümetin yeni bir atağı olarak gördü. Bana kalırsa bu geç kalmış bir düzenleme.   Investment Advisors Need to Be Held to a Better Standard. Eğer sitemizi incelediyseniz benim her zaman kuralları harfiyen yerine getirmeyi amaçladığımı farketmişsinizdir. Mali açıdan tutucu, sosyal açıdan ılımlıbir yorumcu olarak, müşterileri “adamdan sayma“ dönemine geçmeyi tercih ediyorum. Ama finansal danışmanlık doğal olarak karmaşık ve bu durum hatalı danışmanlık hizmetlerini norm haline gelmesine sebep oldu. Durumun her danışman için aynı olduğunu söyleyemem. Eğer 1 Milyon dolar ve üzerinde yatırımınız varsa, çalıştığınız danışman zaten vekalet sorumluluğunu almıştır. Eğer birikiminiz daha düşükse, muhtemelen size önceden açıklanandan daha yüksek ücretler ödemektesiniz.Sayfamızda da yer alan bir araştırmaya göre, danışmanlar 100 bin dolardan az miktardaki birikimler için %5’in üzerinde yıllık ücretlendirme uygulamaktalar. Bu para cezasından fazlasını gerektiren [...]

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