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Deerfield Craigslist Transactions Conducted in Police Parking Lot

Deerfield Craigslist Plan to Save You Craigslist is a great place for finding a coach, a canine, or some solace for the soul. But it is also the site where you can find your own-way ticket to the grave. Law Street has tracked 58 murderers and 45 murder victims since 2009. And this report was accumulated 13 months ago. Since then, punctilious research showed me that at least another 13 murders have been committed. Deefield Police Offer Craigslist Solution Most notorious is the Philip Markoff ‘Craigslist killer’ case where the promising medical student robbed three and killed one by luring them with promised transactions. Markoff's saga exemplifies the online transaction fizzed into horror. "Each of these crimes stemmed from a Craigslist interaction of some sort -- overwhelmingly from robberies gone bad where someone either advertised on Craigslist that he had an item to sell and his killer responded to [...]

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Bees Farming and the Expense.

Should we start including environmental services in the expenses column? The US exports (as of 2010) $115bn worth of agricultural products to the rest of the world, a result of a positive agricultural trade balance. In the 21st Century the US enjoys a rich and varied diet that includes fruits, vegetable and a wide array of animal products. This is part of what makes the quality of life so high and the money to be made from agricultural produce is a big driver in the American economy: while only 2% of the workforce is employed directly in farming, a full 15% is in employment, logistics, supply, retail, because of a successful agricultural industry. Bees For Pollination are Becoming a Large Expense. However, there is a hidden helping hand that is all too often taken for granted – the environment. The value of environmental services is often overlooked and not [...]

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Deerfield Based Walgreens is Closing and Growing

Walgreens Closing 200 Stores by 2017 Deerfield IL based Walgreens has been through some major changes and is, apparently, none the worse for wear. A year ago, Walgreens almost moved to Switzerland. Thwarted by public opinion in that decision, it finalized shop-changing changes including: closing 76 stores; reporting the resignation of CEO Greg Wasson; and – biggest step yet - allying with European health and beauty retailer Alliance Boots. Walgreens sign Deerfield, IL. Three days ago, Walgreens announced another finale: shuttering 200 American stores as part of an expanded cost reduction push. Although these stores amount to only 2 percent of the 8,232 drugstores, Walgreens is dismissing 5000 workers. Fortune concludes that ‘the store closures are fairly minimal’, but those who tally results in terms of human anguish disagree. Nonetheless – or because of these changes? - Walgreens reported a fiscal second-quarter net income of $2.04 billion last [...]

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What Would a Greek Exit from the Eurozone Mean?

Should fears of a 'Grexit' leave US Investors Worried? While only months ago it seemed that things had settled in the Eurozone. Fears of a 'Grexit' or, Greece abandoning the euro, were beginning to recede. The new Syriza government headed by Alexis Tsipras and his indefatigable Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, are stirring things up again in Europe and the issue is once again brought to the fore. Recently, Greece has warned that the very viability of the EU and the single currency are at stake. As negotiations over Greek policy and the disbursement of funds outstanding from the original $240bn bailout continue into April it is becoming harder and harder for Greece to keep up with its debt repayments. Greek Debt vs. EU Averages Clashes over policy are heated and creditors at the EU, ECB, and IMF are refusing to release funds until Greece have issued an acceptable [...]

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Growing IRS Scam

Someone – And Not The IRS – May Be After You For Your Money. More than 366,000 people have reported receiving calls from the IRS scam artists who have demanded payment on threat of incarceration. More than 3000 people have succumbed with this pseudo-IRS receiving more than $15.5 million. The ruse has spread across the country. Police have traced it to a middle eastern, likely Indian locality, but say that it may take years to track down the scammers. Detection is especially difficult since the ruse has been mimeographed by other overseas countries and is hitting particularly vulnerable individuals such as seniors and immigrants. Oftentimes, however, the callers fail to discriminate. Pastors have been lured in; professors too. NFL player Frank Garcia lost more than $4,000. Even Timothy Camus, Treasury deputy inspector general for tax administration, received a call. He told the scammer, “your day will come.” IRS Logo. [...]

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