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Illinois Taxpayer Burden Compared to Neighboring States

Not Fair! We Illinoisans complain about many things. Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes not. But Truth in Accounting (TIA)’s latest numbers shows that we are correct in complaining about our taxes. Truth in Accounting’s 2014 financial analysis of Illinois found that Illinois taxpayer burden is considerably larger than our 6 neighboring states. We paid $45,000 this year, increasing from $43,400 in 2013. (Although the rate at which this Burden has increased over the past three years is significantly lower than it was between 2009 and 2011). Nonetheless – see the data below - we trump our neighbors. See Iowa – $900! And Indiana - $1500! Makes you want to live there – no? Tax Burden Per Illinois Resident Compared to Other States               Financial social media site WalletHub also found that Illinois was ranked as the fourth least tax-fair state in the union, [...]

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We on Chicago’s North Shore May Drive Over 10,000 Structurally Flawed Bridges a Year.

Last month, the American Road and Transportation Builders Association worked out that there are 2,216 structurally deficient bridges in Illinois. This means that one or more of their key bridge components — deck, superstructure or substructure — is considered to be in poor or worse condition. Another 1,971 bridges are obsolete meaning that their design is no longer sufficient for its current use.   Chicago's St. Charles Bridge Built in 1930 The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) uses a 10-point scale to determine the structural and functional condition of a bridge. If any one of a bridge’s three main components rates four or lower, repair is needed. Four counties were found to have the ten most traveled structurally deficient bridges in Illinois. These are Cook, Du Page, St Clair, and Will County. Out of them, Cook County is the winner. We have 46.73% totally deficient bridges. Du Page, St [...]

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Fracking Chicago and Greater Illinois

US Shale Boom and the Illinois Basin Since the 1970s – when oil production in the US peaked – the oil and gas industry in America has taken hit after hit. Many forecasters assumed that the slow decline would continue and that there would be an ever-increasing reliance on foreign oil. This has certainly been the case; at least, right up until a few years ago. U.S. Natural Gas Production Fracking, controversial though it is, has finally brought the spectre of complete dependence on OPEC nations to an end. Gas production in the middle of this century's first decade even surpassed production at its previous 1970s peak. Technology has developed to the point where previously unexploited resources are now ripe for development. While most of the current production is centered around the Marcellus basin in the North West and Eagle Ford in Texas, Chicago and Illinois have the [...]

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Bird Flu Hitting the Chicago Area

Asphyxiation Kills Poultry While Consumers Remain Unharmed Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), otherwise known as bird flu, is sweeping the Midwest with over 7.1 million birds being affected this last month. The virus has hit Minnesota the hardest, has expanded to more than a dozen states, and includes our own. Government officials are concerned that HPAI could ball the southern states, too. Flu is killing Illinois birds. This highly infectious strain of fever originated from Asia before grabbing a North American virus. Turkeys and chickens may stop eating or become lethargic, begin to cough and sneeze, and die off quickly. The disease spreads through droppings of wild ducks and geese and may have permeated the insular poultry houses through gusts of wind or tracking of droppings. Either way, experts say that you are unlikely to be harmed. University of Illinois, Department of Animal Sciences Professor Kenneth Koelkebeck insisted [...]

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