Top High Schools in Illinois

The Top 10 High-Schools In Illinois – According To Newsweek These are the top 10 high-schools in Illinois that Newsweek rated the best to send your kid to in 2016. These schools made the cut based on college readiness score, graduation rate, the percent of 12th grade students who enrolled in college and the percent of low-income students. The problem is that critics complained that these schools were mainly college-focused and were poor with dealing with crucial aspects such as bullying or meeting special needs. Others pointed out that Newsweek singled out an elite population-either schools that were located in classier regions or were moneyed private schools. Still others repudiated the way Newsweek had selected those schools. Some of these critics – statisticians included – argued that Newsweek had included schools that clearly should not have made the cut whilst ignoring those that seem exceptional. ‘Newsweek’, they said, should be [...]