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Poll Shows Majority Of Illinois Voters Oppose Tax Hikes

A new poll shows that most registered voters in Illinois want to close the state’s $4 billion budget gap through spending cuts rather than tax increases, and more than half want to see public pensions cut to address the deficit. The pension problem has been enduring.  Illinois is barely able to pay its employees - firemen, police, park workers and so forth - their pensions. It owns a $30 billion debt. MarketWatch says it has the worst pension reform situation in the nation. Senators have been creating and eliminating plans for years. Toni Preckwinkle suggested a sales tax; Bruce Rauner wants to cut pension benefits. Politicians remain undecided. Meanwhile,  a poll produced by Americans for Prosperity of Illinois surveyed 600 registered Illinois voters. Sixty-six percent called for state-spending to be cut while only 15% - not even a third of the people surveyed - proposed raising taxes. Four percent elected [...]

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How Much Do We Pay Teachers in Illinois and Chicago?

The University of Illinois's Labor Education Program worked out that the average Illinois teacher works about 207 days a year or about 2,165 hours per year.  Teacher benefits: Teachers get 2.5 months off in June, July and August, 1 week paid time off in December, 1 week paid time off in April and 10 paid vacation days on the CPS calendar. Illinois teachers receive 10 sick days per year. Illinois teachers receive health coverage and are required to pay 1.8 percent of their salary toward the plan. (The range in employee contribution is from 1.3% - 2.8% depending on the level of coverage selected). Figure that the average teacher pays $1,282. Teachers hired after 1986 also pay the Medicare Tax which would mean that the average Illinois teacher pays another $1,033. The average Illinois teacher also has to contribute 2% of his or her base salary (approximately $1,425) to the Chicago Teachers Pension [...]

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Medical Marijuana Debuts in Illinois

Medical marijuana dispensaries opened their doors in Illinois for the first time in state history this week. The eight clinics served hundreds of patients across the state most waiting for hours to get inside. From Mundelein, a reporter chirped that it was so busy that the Mundelein clinic actually sold out their products in one day. The place was supposed to close at 6.00pm but they remained open until every last patient was served. It serviced over 200 cardholders. Patients like Laura Bailey who had been suffering from pain, spams and insomnia for the past 15 years and had been living on prescription pills could barely wait for the clinics to open. Monday she and patients like her flocked to one of the eight clinics in various parts of the state and walked out with the ‘miracle plant’ with veins like blue cheese. After smoking it, Laura said that the [...]

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