Dow 23,000. What Next?

Does Dow 23,000 Mean the Market is Going to Drop? Short answer, “no.” Just because markets have been going gangbusters for the last half decade, it doesn't spell the end. Just because investors has gone nuts, there is no reason that they can't continue to go nuts in the short term. The long answer is much more complicated. Let's dive into the long answer by going over a few frequently asked questions: 1. Why is the market up so much?  A: Multiple reasons. The most glaringly obvious one seems to be that economic conditions have been relatively good for a long time. Companies are making money, and up until now the valuations of companies have been supported by their earnings. With low interest rates, money is still very cheap. 2. Can the market still keep going up?  A: Yes it can. But if you are asking “Will the market continue [...]