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Deep Blue Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with our headquarters located in Northbrook, IL. We keep our investment philosophy very simple. Complicated investment processes don’t always translate into higher returns, but they very often translate into high fees. We use index funds and ETFs to make sure our clients are paying the lowest investment fees possible. If your investment advisor is unable to explain exactly what is inside any investment in thirty seconds, that investment probably doesn’t have a place inside your portfolio. We believe that you should understand how your money is invested at all times.

Low costs and low tax exposure are an extremely important part of what we do. We work very hard to help you understand exactly what we are doing without complicated “investment advisor speak.” We believe in personalized service and are happy to give out our personal numbers should you have any questions. Most of our meetings are done at our client’s home kitchen tables or at a restaurant near your place of work. We still believe in the “house call.”

Our Founder

Adam Faust
Adam FaustFounder & Principal, Deep Blue Financial LLC
I started Deep Blue Financial after spending almost twenty years working for some of the largest investment management firms in the industry. What I learned while working for “The Big Guys” was that clients were being systematically over charged. Even worse…client’s weren’t being informed that they were being overcharged. The practice of hiding fees from clients is so far spread in the industry that it is considered “common practice.” I am here to end it.

At Deep Blue we use some of the lowest cost investments in the industry. Low expense mutual funds and ETFs don’t have lower performance than their high cost counterparts. In fact, historically speaking, the low cost funds have better performance. It makes sense, if an investment company charges less then you keep more of your money. By lowering fees across the board, clients have a higher likelihood of positive performance over long periods of time.

Additionally, we don’t charge for Financial Planning or Retirement Income Planning. These are needed steps when helping clients determine what type of portfolio is best for them. And if it is something you need…then it should be included.

Give us a try…you’ll be glad you did.

(Adam started his career in investment management almost two decades ago. He has served as a Regional Vice President at a large corporate retirement plan administrator, Operational VP of Retirement Plans for a major regional brokerage firm, and advised on a half billion dollar portfolio for one of the largest financial firms in the country. For the past decade, Adam has worked with families and small businesses in Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield and the rest of Chicago’s North Shore.

Originally from Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, Adam did his undergraduate with concentrations in History & Finance at The University of Texas. He completed his financial planning training at The College for Financial Planning and Northwestern University.)