small business retirement plans

Small Business Retirement Plans

We find that many businesses in the area use small business retirement plans that are bogged down with heavy fees and antiquated record keeping. Prior to online record keeping, insurance companies and small business retirement plan record keepers set up plans where fees were buried inside the investments. These providers often charge plan participants one to five percent in hidden fees. Many small business owners don’t realize the extremely high fees they are being charged.

Deep Blue Financial can assist in moving your company’s small business retirement plans to one of the most modern record keeping systems on the planet with transparent fee schedules. Furthermore, we can open up investment choices to include extremely low-cost indexes and institutional funds so your employees can start saving for their future. We provide group guidance sessions and can meet with participants one-on-one at your location. Take control of your business’s 401(k), pension plan or profit sharing today. Let Deep Blue Financial help.

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