indexFamilies were delighted to sample  nine dollar  glasses of wine this Monday at Starbucks in Northbrook, although  some were dissatisfied with their portion. Chicago Tribune interviewed a couple, Mark and Margaret Tannenberg, and their friend who were sitting at one table.  The couple sampled their six ounces of pinot grigio. the friend thought there was too little in her wide-bottomed Starbucks Evenings stemless wine glass. Starbucks limited the portions to earn their liquor license last fall, according to Village President Sandy Frum.

Starbucks has already run into problems with Seventh Day Adventists in Orlando, Florida, who first accepted, then opposed, Starbuck’s plan to serve beer and wine to its patrons near their church.  The store aims to tread warily with Northbrooks, although it’s doubtful Starbucks will  have alcohol problems there.

Sandy Frum thinks the beer and wine will spark some nightlife into the dreamy area. “You can get people in at night who want to be in a better environment,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

As of 2015, Starbucks plotted more than 70 locations selling wine, craft beer and small plates of  delicatessen such as dates filled with chorizo and wrapped with bacon that the Tannenberg tasted.  Starbucks aims to boost traffic after 4 p.m. when sales dangle.

Stores in Washington state, Oregon, Los Angeles, Chicago, Florida, and Atlanta markets were the first to test the new menu. Industry analysts were skeptical that the venture would succeed. They argued that patrons would not want their beloved coffee stores turning into bars.

To date, so-called Evenings locations are springing up everywhere.

Northbrook’s ‘beer and wine’ opened last week.