imagesIt’s amazing how much the three digit number of a person’s credit score tells about the financial habits of that person as anyone would know if they try to rent or buy a home, seek a loan, or otherwise find themselves in a situation where another wants to run your FICO score.

WalletHub did just that the other week using TransUnion to compare the average credit scores of residents in 2,570 U.S. cities as of September 2015. To their figurative credit, they listed each of these cities and pointed out the 30 that were in the top 99th percentile.

Curious to know how your financial habits compare with your neighbors or maybe you wonder where the people who are most likely to repay their debts live? Wonder no longer. Turn here for the news.

The Villages in Florida top the list hitting an almost 800 score (the average score of its residents was 779.51). Most of the top 30 cities come from California, Massachusetts, New York. Predictable or not?  The cities with the lowest scores – in the 500s – tend to cluster around Georgia, MI, and Illinois. The very lowest is Camden, NJ with its residents holding an average score of 565.62.

And what about Illinois?

Wilmette ranks in the top 30 (at No. 15 with an average of 743.39). Lake Forest and Northbrook follow at 43 and 44. Deerfield is in the 55th position; Libertyville, 66; Glenview, 84; Parkridge, 89; and Buffalo Grove at 102. Then you have  Highland Park and Naperville with scores that float towards the lower 700s.

Cities in Illinois that occupy the lowest range (in the 500 level) include Dolton, Maywood, Harvey and East St. Louis. The last has the second to lowest score of all 2,570 U.S. cities at 565.62.

The city of Chicago ranked 2,137th. The average score of its residents was 642.